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so it goes
2 June 2021
when a dog is gone
17 June 2020

it sure is quiet.

it's not just the normal dog noise that's really missing, either. sure, there's a lot less barking -- we still have another pup, after all (hi april! mommy and daddy love you very much we're just sad roxie isn't with us no no she isn't outside no she's not behind the chair it's okay honey) -- but there are just a lot fewer...sounds.

no more creaking joints as she sprang up from her bed (yes, 14 year old dogs can move quickly when that's the only way they can stand with three bad legs they just gotta really Go For It). then, once she was up there would be a few seconds of extravagant throat-clearing. this consisted of what promised to be a mighty roar of a cough but just wound up being a positively petite Ack! of an Ok I Am NOT Barfing HAHA Psyche Right Daddy?

then the stiff-legged procession of just a few steps to a wider spot where she could find a little room to plop down and give her backside a proper inspection before finally, gently, easing back down to the carpet for a rest.

i big-boned daddy

sometimes, some days, there would be the sounds of teeth on fabric and claws on berber (or sometimes it was muted and soft 'cause there were cut-up sections of yoga mat to make the wood floors easier to navigate without going ass-over) that signalled GO TIME

leon redbone was a favorite

it got a little quieter at meal times towards the end....just a bit of slurping and chewing because she really wanted to make mommy and daddy happy by eating out of our hands because we went to all that trouble and rice and boiled chicken is actually pretty tasty now that you got me started just leave the bowl no wait hold it up for me ahh that's it ommNOM NOM NOM


OMG I FORGOT THE SNORING GEEZ GIRL WE WERE SLEEPING SOUNDLY COME on ahh okay this is actually pretty adorable she's like that uncle you like he's probably dreaming about sweater vests or that time he had a whole ham to himself haha why am i thinking that why are my dreams so weirdZZZZZZZZ

but i think the noises i'll miss most are the gentle rustle of old fur rubbing on the freshly cut grass and the snorty chuffing of a happy puppy

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25 March 2020
18 March 2020
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