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zombie thumbs
24 August 2016

So, when using the FileManager plugin for TinyMCE and you run into your thumbnail images suddenly disappearing, keep in mind that it does NOT regenerate these if you rename the main image file (this-way-to-candy.jpg has more semantic meaning than IMG_5677.jpg).

Now, to get all the new thumbs to display without having to reload the dialog.

17 August 2016

Another Incredibly Nit-picky review -- this time it's Män som hatar kvinnor (figure it out)!

Män som hatar kvinnor

That is EXACTLY what that's for

This was a delightful coming of age story about a girl and her guardia-WHAT THE FUCK?!? NOW IT'S CADDYSHACK?

Playing through....

The Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (see? I knew you'd get it) was much better than the James Bond version. I imagine I could have watched with subtitles off and would have still been able to follow the story (so much reading). But one thing bothered me -- why didn't Henrik recognize his nephew in the enlarged photo from the parade? HE WAS TOTALLY WEARING THE SWEATER HE GAVE HIM LIKE FOR CHRISTMAS OR KRAMPUS OR WHATEVER. 


I give this flick 5 Ikea meatballs.

my dog gets it
10 August 2016

zeroth world
3 August 2016

Wife had a nightmare that TiVo was broken. Is there anything above #FirstWorldProblems?

the whole system
27 July 2016

Watching And Justice for All before going to fight a parking ticket may not be #TheBestIdeaIEverHad

eye pokemon
25 July 2016

I try to catch my eye floaties #PokemonForOldPeople

twitching counts
20 July 2016

I wonder if gives credit for restless leg syndrome?

I call it a houlihan
13 July 2016

...since it only protects one lip.

Now you can do something useful with all of that Colbert crap you have.