I'm a web developer/sysadmin/host (NERD TRIPLE THREAT!) and this is my attempt to write about...leaving the house. Sometimes. Like, to go backpacking. And take some pictures. And justify spending the money on all the gear WHY SO MUCH?!?

So check back weekly for all the smrt missives! And the dumb tweets!

Also hiking things!

Feel free to write and complain.

executive time
21 February 2018

3 January 2018

This is the Vaguely Racist Rest Stop of the Damned

hike your own
20 December 2017

She definitely did.

25 October 2017

ghost face kittah
6 September 2017

30 August 2017


cabinet cat
12 July 2017

I see what you did there....

blair whatnow
15 March 2017

Nothing to worry about. I am sure this is a natural occurence.