I'm a web developer/sysadmin/host (NERD TRIPLE THREAT!) and this is my attempt to write about...leaving the house. Sometimes. Like, to go backpacking. And take some pictures. And justify spending the money on all the gear WHY SO MUCH?!?

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short and stout
21 June 2017

Didn't drop the poopsack!

I can hike a dozen miles with a 20lb pack through rain, roots and rocks but one uneven stretch of sidewalk and ASS OVER TEAKETTLE

hammock tv
24 May 2017

That really is the worst phone to do this with so slippery

If you're like me, going out into the woods is pretty much all about not being bored. Since I don't make forts DO BUSHCRAFT, I kinda need...something. So I load up the phone with books and shows and hope for the best. But the weight of all this media really makes the phone a pain to hold for longer than a few seconds (THIS IS JUST SCIENCE, PEOPLE).

Shock cord to the rescue.

Just tie two knots -- doesn't really matter what kind, just make them smaller loops than the size of your device (I wouldn't recommend doing this with a tablet, but you do you) so it will fit properly. Then I just hook the cord to my ridgelight like so:


It tends to want to twist horizontally, so I put my electronics pouch behind it and it keeps it in a good viewing position. You can adjust the verical orientation by positioning the knots -- just experiment (like in college)

That phone was so light!


nerve damage
17 May 2017

That wasn't there a minute ago.

Date: 05/06/2017

Location: Laurel Highlands, rt 271 parking lot to rt 30 shelter

Trail Distance: NO MILES FOR YOU COUNTING IS FOR CAMPERS (39.6 miles ytd)

Rain? -- no problem. Wet shoes? -- big deal. Cold? -- BRING IT.

Breezy tree blowing and train sounds? -- OH IT'S BEEN BROUGHTEN.

Man, I gotta get over being freaked out by the wind. Other than that, had a good pace and pretty easy terrain (despite the mud and wet).

Guess I'll go back to trying to grow a pair.

one day at a time
19 April 2017

Yup, down thattaway. Sure it's fine.

Date: 04/01/2017

Location: Oil Creek State Park, park office to Wolfkiel shelter

Trail Distance: 18.1 miles (39.6 miles ytd)

That was pretty but boy-howdy I am glad I waited a day to not do this trail in the pouring rain FOR IT WAS A MUDDY BOG SCAPE ANYWHO. Saw lots of trail runners who were out doing their running thing. I enjoyed the refreshing breeze as they flew by.

What I learned this time is that you shouldn't hang the tarp too close to the hammock or it'll get dewy soaked.

Dewy Soaked is a great band name

Oh yeah -- untangle the underquilt shock cord before hanging it. You will thank me.

more stroud
12 April 2017

Bushcraft is mostly  building forts and making spoons. 

8 March 2017

You can't even see the remote...

Date: 02/26/2017

Location: Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, 271 trailhead to Decker shelter area

Trail Distance: 16.5 miles (21.5 miles ytd)

So that was nice. Still haven't learned to drink enough water when I stop hiking for the day. I'm older, so I will be getting up MULTIPLE times during the night to pee, so why not make it worth it?

And if you're cold, get up and adjust the underquilt. It always makes a big difference.

Finally figured out how to use the trekking poles effectively (thanks to this fella). Felt a lot stronger going up hill instead of having to pant for breath every 30 yeards. MADE IT 60 YARDS NOW.


8 February 2017

404 falls not found

Picture taken in October, posted in February NO ONE WILL KNOW THANKS TO CLIMATE CHANGE

foggy bottom
28 January 2017

Flood City is in there somewhere...

Date: 01/21/2017

Location: Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, near Seward, PA to Decker shelter area

Trail Distance: 5 miles (5 miles ytd)

So that's a decent start to the year. Stupid warm for January, but pretty dry considering the days of rain beforehand. Shelter 1 has two great hyangin' trees right next door.

Learned that I really need to put things in the same place each time, or I will be unloading the pack completely to find my gloves.

And orange loops on stakes are a Great Idea when doing the final once-over (also: once-overs. And twice-overs).

So noisy yet so delightful.