I'm a web developer/sysadmin/host (NERD TRIPLE THREAT!) and this is my attempt to write about...leaving the house. Sometimes. Like, to go backpacking. And take some pictures. And justify spending the money on all the gear WHY SO MUCH?!?

So check back weekly for all the smrt missives! And the dumb tweets!

Also hiking things!

Feel free to write and complain.

oh deere
6 December 2017

Cropulent: how your fields  look when you are plowing with a new #tractor

catch up
15 November 2017

Will lay there for whole seconds.

I wish when my dog is going bananas we could #BottleThatSauce

8 November 2017

I inhaled at least three bugs hiking last weekend. I don't know where they were going, but they are part of my hike now. #EatsShootsLeaves

1 November 2017

"Don't #gerrymander the pizza, honey" is a thing I say now

18 October 2017

Name for #edgy weight loss clinic: Flabattoir

11 October 2017

We were going to have our dog blessed, but realized she's Amish. She has #Rumspringa daily.

4 October 2017

Never make fun of someone with an accent: chances are they speak one more language than you do. IT WAS FERNANDO, NOT LORENZO

27 September 2017

I trick my dog into going for a walk by saying there are bunnies #TheSecret