no daddy no
28 February 2014

So I am fortunately late to the 'GoDaddy screwed the pooch on ICANN rules' party. Evidently their internal account system cannot deal with email addresses that have been valid for a dozen years. An inconvenience, but not a terrible one.

Unless you own more than one or two domains. Oof. But at least it's smart enough to know that if you use a single registrant email for all of the domains in your account it should take just one verification to handle this, right?


Fine. I will click the 'Resend' link. And wait.

Wait some more.



Okay, maybe that didn't take. Let's click it again. And while we're at it, let's get the rest of these domains taken care of, with many more clicks. And let's get back to waiting.

After an hour or so, it's time to call. And guess what? They queue emails. So, the labels for the links should read

Mail is in the queue

instead of 'Mail has been sent'. Clicking the link again actually means

Welcome to the end of the queue.