cait 1903
8 May 2024

“ok, that's badass”

I thought this at mile 11 when I noticed a runner beside me wearing sandals. the big incline was just starting and we were both slowing down. the surge from seeing my family was long gone and it was time to find a distraction to take my mind off of numbers and time and weather.

“ok, that's badass” 

I said this at mile 11 and runner 1903 told me that they helped her back pain by allowing her feet to land more naturally and I can confidently say that talking about shoes and gait and foot strike actually helped my mind focus on something other than the pull of self doubt and fear I felt looming inside.

each of us was feeling the distance now, so we spent several miles sharing our experiences - she ran 200 miles in The Congo (again, badass), I served the last week on jury duty (anger and sadness inducing frustration). 

she wore a Palestinian flag and ACAB was given pride of place on her back. I had written “whale sounds” on one arm and hastily scrawled “patience” on the other. 

we walked a bit, we ran a bit. we walked a bit more, we ran when we saw people cheering. eventually we slowed and running seemed like a distant memory. 

she told me earlier that when we met she had been thinking about quitting. she told me now 

“we've come this far, we've got this”

as the finish dragged closer I was cramping more and more and I knew I wouldn't have made the last miles on my own. 

i would have been done. 

thanks, cait 1903.

for pulling me through.