north park half
17 January 2024

i don't know what i was thinking, but i just went for it.

race face i guess

for my very first half marathon i think it went really well. i didn't blow up and i didn't start out too fast. i also got lucky with parking and was able to ditch the vest and gloves at the car after the first lap I WAS GETTIN' BROILY.

i took the training seriously (sort of), and the plan had me on schedule to finish around 2:15. but checking in that morning it said HAHAH GOOD LUCK MAKING IT IN 2:25. i wonder if that was Garmin's way of negging me, motivationally.

always ask first before racing

hey would ya look at that

don was amazing

...and tyler, too

oh, and my final time?

suck it, watch