and down
19 September 2018

Smokey and the Bandit was a 1977 feature film that was Not Star Wars. It was a sober (!) meditation on many of American society's ills at her bicentennial. Some of the topics covered were

1) Alcohol abuse

I'm with MacGruff here. This is a fucking crime.

2) Seatbelts

It was a different time.

3) Police fitness for duty

Some things are timeless.

4) American cars and cornering

Some things are timeless.

5) Trolls

It was a diff--............

6) Racism


8) Mustaches

It was a different time.

9) Class warfare

A malignant narcissist with a dipshit son this is quite the leap of the imagination in the year-of-our-lord 2018

10) The peak of American masculinity and attractiveness