black friday
29 November 2017

I know, I know, I need to mix it up I THINK I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS RUT

Date: 11/24/2017

Location: Laurel Highlands, north trailhead parking lot to decker shelter

Trail Distance: 11.5 (61.6 miles ytd)

So, I figured since it's been several months since I hiked -- thanks a lot, climate change -- I thought a nice, easy, familiar hike would get me going for more ambitious trips this winter. The plan was perfect, except I left one important thing at home: ALL MY CARDIOS. I've done this hike a half-dozen times and this one seemed to be the hardest yet. The climb out of mile 70 isn't even that strenuous, but I was gulping like a fish out swimming fluidWATER FISH OUT OF WATER.

On the plus side (beside my waistline AMIRITE), altra lone peak 3.0s are pretty decent to walk in. Feet hurt way less than normal after all the rocks and roots. Oooh, and down booties are delightful.