probably named eddie
28 June 2017


Date: 06/21/2017

Location: Laurel Highlands, north trailhead parking lot to decker shelter

Trail Distance: 11.5 (50.1 miles ytd)

My thermometer said it was 65 degrees, but my shirt said WHY ARE WE IN AFRICA?!? I'm used to hiking in the cooler weather -- this was pretty brutal. I drank more water than usual, but not nearly enough to avoid the dehydration headache. Or lack of coffee headache. Who's to say?

I got better...

The takeaway from this trip -- besides MOAR WATERZ -- is that those rehydratable paper towel thingins are super handy. Many thumbs up, will soak again.

Oh and hey guys I got my base weight under 10lbs so I am extra-special elite now, right?

I think his name is Sherlock