stop taking all the covers
26 April 2016

One particularly annoying aspect of hammock camping is all of the adjustments you need to make. It's true you have a ton of flexibility, but sometimes you just want to SLEEP WARM ALL NIGHT.

The most annoying thing for me so far -- beyond screwing up the hang angle ("hangle" hehehe), not looking around carefully enough for dead trees ("dangle" heheTHIS IS DEADLY SERIOUS STOP LAUGHING), yadda yadda -- has been the shifting of the underquilt as I toss and turn. I ritch around (! not what you think it's an Ohio-ism) a lot and the foot end of the quilt always seems to wind up sliding under the hammock. Of course this entails actually getting out and adjusting it (or thrashing around like a flounder, trying not to tear or break anything in the process).

I don't like getting up if I don't have to. So I rigged this up.

This is many shades of Not Right, but IT'S THE BASEMENT, PEOPLE

This is the backside -- I tied a rabbit-through-the-hole-around-the-tree knot to one of the underquilt's d-rings. Then through the next one and over the ridgeline to the front.

This end has a tautline hitch (I remembered how to do it! AND WHAT IT'S CALLED) so I can pull the backside of the underquilt up from inside the hammock. I added a Dutchware s-biner so I can unhook the contraption without tangling myself in it during my panicked late night egress 'CAUSE I TOTALLY HEARD A SNORTY BEAR FOR REALS.

Next time I will make this all much easier by getting a hammock with d-rings already attached so I just have to mittenhook everything in place. RANDY AND DEANNA FTW